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    XT 303 Mini Car Kit Magnetic Mobile Phone Holder  

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Ukuran (L x W x H cm)18x8x4
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Detail produk dari XT 303 Mini Car Kit Magnetic Mobile Phone Holder Remote and Nunchuk Controller Set for Nintendo Wii Game Brand new and high quality
The nunchuck connects to the Wii Remote at its expansion port and is used in connection with the Wii Remote
Players are free to hold them in whichever hand is most comfortableParameters: Powered by 2 AA battery
Bluetooth connection between controller and console
Buit-in vibration motor
Cable of nunchuck: approx. 90cm in length.
Connecting method:
1. The remote controller and wii host connection method:
Open the battery cover on the controller and loaded insert two AA batteries ( positive and negative should be correct ). Press the red SYNC button next to battery cover ( four indicators of the controller will flash)
then press the SYNC button on the wii host to begin code matching ( after the matching is succeeded a indicator on the remote controller would
be on ).
2. Nunchuk and remote controller connection method:
Plug the wii port of nunchuk controller to that of the remote controller to get compatible connection
then you can go directly to the game screen to operate.
Usage Instructions:
Common problems:
1 " It can not be connected after connecting for several times but before the controller is easy to be connected " solution:
Restart the host because too many Bluetooth connecting times of the host will also lead to host data errors.
2 The solution of controller unable to synchronize:
Before inserting batteries first press and hold the code matching button to discharge capacitor then install the battery to match code
Solutions for the problems generally occurs:
( 1 ) If the battery power is adequacy or not or if the battery is poor contact.
( 2 ) Restart the host and the controller
( 3 ) The effective usage range of the controller is within 5m
( 4 ) Whether there is some signal interference