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    USB Data cable for iPhone 4 4s iPad (Purple) (Intl)  

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    • Rp. 64.000,-
    • Rp. 64.000,-
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    • Colorful and Stylish
    • High speed charging and data transfer
    • High quality copper conductor
    • Perfume Smell 
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    • Store: Lazada
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    • Update: 28/04/2016
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Detail produk dari USB Data cable for iPhone 4 4s iPad (Purple) (Intl) feature:Colorful and Stylish@High speed charging and data transfer@High quality copper conductor@Perfume Smell @
box:1x USB Data cable for iPhone 4 4s iPad
Product details of  USB Data cable for iPhone 4 4s iPad Purple The New Perfume USB Data Cable is composed of high quality cord and gilded USB connector, which features speedy data transmission and fast charging for your devices. It can connect your cell phone to your PC / laptop to access and synchronise your phone book contacts, e-mails, and appointments, change ring tones and background pictures. Start syncing data on your smartphones with this USB data cable. Serves just like a normal USB Data Cable, this Data Cable makes charging, data reading, and data transferring that much more convenient for users.

SAFE-CHARGE SPEED & DATA SYNC CABLECharge your mobile/Tab safely with high transmission speed. Combine the function of data transmission and charging. Resist high pressure with excellent design. Uses of super purity copper conductor, ensuring a high quality transmission. It is compatible with any USB edition. Anti-interference.
LIVING STYLISHThe elegant, simple and colorful highway to connect your gadgets.
"SAY GOODBYE"Say goodbye to the old fashioned, tangled, messy cables. Make your life easy and delightful.

AWESOME PLUG DESIGNWe use the best material to design the slick plug. You will never get confused about the direction. It is that simple and functional.
FeaturesThis amazing and practical New Perfume USB Data Cable comes in 8 selections of fresh perfume smell and vibrant colours that will surely captivate the eyes. The USB Cable is compatible with all mobile devices with a USB connector. The lengthy cord ensures easy and smooth connectivity of your mobile devices. The cables core material which is copper ensures the safety of your connection and the flat design of the cable makes it harder to coil and provides convenient storage.