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    Universal Multi-point (2-in-1) Car Bluetooth Music Receiver(Black)  

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    • High-qualified material / Plug and play / Make your car more functional and convenient / Each item has been checked and in good condition before shipping /
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    • Update: 29/04/2016
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Ukuran (L x W x H cm)14.00x9.20x2.40
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Detail produk dari Universal Multi-point (2-in-1) Car Bluetooth Music Receiver(Black) Introduction
As one of the newest model of Bluetooth Music receiver, H-366 can turn the traditional wire speaker to wireless bluetooth speaker,
and through mobile devices e.g. smart phone to remote control music play to let you enjoy the convenient of wireless control.

1. Delicately disc design, exquisite workmanship and mini size with lighter weight.
2. Multi-function technique, one Bluetooth receiver can connect with two Bluetooth devices.
3. High quality stereo transmission for a better music experience.
4. Reverse control of the music play of connected Bluetooth devices.
5. Safe driving design, it can be used as a Bluetooth carkit which with music play function.

Music Function Operation Steps
1. Connected the H-366 with speaker by 3.5mm audio cable, long press the on-off key to start up;
2. Open Bluetooth devices e.g. smart phone ,tab pc and PC, search H-366; 
3. After pairing successfully, play the music wirelessly.

Multi-point Connection Steps
1. Long press power key 5 seconds,cell phone 1 connected with the device successfully.
2. Long press power key 2 seconds,'beep'.
3. Open Bluetooth function of cellphone 2, connect it with the device.
4. Connect the device with cellphone 1 again by manual operations.
5. The device connected with these two cellphones successfully.

1. After Multi-point setup successfully,automatically connect with two cellphones when use again.
2. If cellphone changed,enter pairing mode to connect again. default to connect the last two cellphones
3. After long term use, restore factory sittings when connect failure (disconnect the cellphone's Bluetooth connection after restoring factory sittings)

Multi-point Connection Music play:
After two cellphones connected with H-366 simultaneously, to pause music play cellphone to switch the cellphone, the second cellphone default when music play.

Press Key function
Volume +: Short press,last song; Long press,Volume plus
Volume  -: Short press,next song; Long press,Volume decline
Power key: Short press, Play / Pause;Double press, redial; Long press, turn on/off
Restore factory sittings: long press power key and volume plus key five seconds to restore factory settings (Red and blue light blink twice and with prompt tone)