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    Universal E-Cig USB Charger - Hitam

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    • Alat untuk mengisi ulang daya rokok listrik
    • Alat ini memiliki fungsi penting
    • Memliliki kinerja yang optimal dan dapat di andalkan
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    • Seller: Surya Phone
    • Store: Matahari Mall
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    • Update: 11/05/2016
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Product WarantyGaransi Toko 7 Hari
Model NumberUniversal E-Cig USB Charger - Black
Charger USB untuk vape seperti eGo, eVod, dan mod lainnya.Benefit Using E-CigaretteSafe and HealthyRefilled natural e-liquid. No Carbon Monoxide, no tar and other harmful substances. The carcinogen levels in electronic cigarettes are up to 1,000 times lower than in tobacco cigarettes.Help to Quit SmokingAccording to the "Replacement Therapy" which recommended by the W.H.O and the smoking habits can be quit by long-trem smoking e-cigs because it's simulating the traditional cigarette.Everywhere and AnytimeNo second-hand smoke. Just release safe vapour without terrible smell. Have no bad efect to others. You can use electronic cigarette in public place like airport, cinema, club, etc.Save MoneyAn e-cigarette cartridge is equal to one pack of tobacco cigarette. The same smoking experience, but save more when using electronic cigarettes.For more information about e-cigarette please visit this link Visit for more information. Package ContentsAll item you get from the box:1 x Universal E-Cig USB Charger