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    Universal Auto Charger Phone Holder FM Transmitter 3 in 1 (Intl)  

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    • Rp. 671.641,-
    • Rp. 450.000,-
  • Product Detail:
    • Compatible with 99% smartphones 
    • 360° degree rotating
    • FM transmitter to play music in your phone via car video 
    • Adjustable width 
    • Charger for both Android and iOS smartphone
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    • Store: Lazada
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    • Update: 29/04/2016
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Detail produk dari Universal Auto Charger Phone Holder FM Transmitter 3 in 1 (Intl) Introduction 
Do you want to play digital music from mobile phone or iPod or MP3 through car stereo? Then this is the answer. 
Hands-free function
Press answer key of mobile when phone rings to answer calls, then talk Hands Free via built-In high-quality microphone & car stereo
Phone charging USB Port Able to charge mobile phone /MP3 player trough USB port
• All mobile phones, MP3 players or Tablet which has 3.5mm headphone socket • iPhone, iPad, iPod (All) • Samsung (All) 
• High fidelity stereo • Digital PLL, Transmission is stable in different environment • Full frequency range • Powered by car cigarette socket, no need to use mobile's power
How to use :
1) Insert the FM transmitter to 12V car cigarette lighter power socket.  3) Set one unused FM channel eg. 87.5 in FM Transmitter, Switch is at top 2) Connect your Mobile phone or MP3/MP4 to transmitter using given audio-line OR Insert your USB stick 4) Set the same FM channel in FM Transmitter radio e.g. 87.5 5) Play songs/Music in your Mobile or MP3 device 6) FM transmitter will automatically play your music in car stereo