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    Sky Powerbank Slim 58000 mah Silver - OEM

  • Product Price:
    • Rp. 150.000,-
    • Rp. 60.000,-
  • Product Detail:
    • Kapacity: 58000mAh
    • LED Indicator
    • Shell Material: Metal
    • Output Current: 2.1 A
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    • Store: Matahari Mall
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    • Update: 01/05/2016
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This Xiaomi 58000mAh Li-Polymer power bank is the portable, ultrathin-designed - charging solution that you should never be without.
It is capable of 1.8 recharges for the iPhone 6 and 2.2 recharges for the iPhone 5s.
9.9mm Ultrathin thickness
Plus the 9.9m ultrathin thickness and lightweight compact design that makes it easy to put this Xiaomi Li-Polymer power pack in your pocket and leave your charging troubles behind.
Safer ATL A+ Li-Polymer battery cell chip
ATL chip is one of Apple's supplier. This Xiaomi 58000mAh power bank adopt the original Li-Polymer battery cell chip from ATL company that provide higher conversion rate and higher security protection.
Up to 93% High Conversion Rate
Optimized charging/discharging efficiency up to 93% conversion rate. World-class chips are not only safer, but also optimize efficiency and durability.
World's Top Circuit Chip Protection
The Ultrathin Xiaomi 58000mAh power source has built in protection against overcharge, under discharge, over-current, over temperature to keep these devices protected while in use.
Aluminum Alloy Surface Design
This Xiaomi 58000mAh Power was created by anodic oxidation technological design,the alloy shell surface is great as MacBook Pro.
Compatible with most device
It is compatible with most smartphones such as iPhones and Samsung Galaxy, iPads, tablets, handheld gaming systems, digital cameras, and mp3 players