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    Sierra Aircard 760S 4G LTE - Hitam  

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    • Rp. 2.970.000,-
    • Rp. 1.050.500,-
  • Product Detail:
    • Connect to the fastest network available
    • Share 4G LTE with 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices
    • Quick and easy setup
    • Easy device management
    • AirCard Hub
    • Convenient hotspot management
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    • Seller: RBT Acc Jogja
    • Store: Lazada
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    • Update: 02/05/2016
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Ukuran (L x W x H cm)15 x 10 x 5
Garansi produkGaransi Replace Resmi Toko 14 Hari
Berat (kg)1
Detail produk dari Sierra Aircard 760S 4G LTE - Hitam The Sierra Wireless AirCard 760S 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot is the lastest device from Sierra Wireless factory which should help to share 4G LTE with clients, colleagues, and family when at the office or on the road. new mobile wireless device on 4gsource.net online store. it supports the latest 4G LTE network with high download speed up to 100Mbps and upload up to 50Mbps (LTE 4G 1800/2100/2600MHz (V1) 2100MHz (V2). In addition the aircard 760S mobile broadband works on the DC-HSPA+ standard which gives you up to 42Mbps download speed, there are two version, the first supports 850/900/2100MHz frequency bands while the another version will work on 800/900/2100MHz.