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    Samsung Wireless Charging Pad EP-PG920I S6 / S6 Edge - Hitam

  • Product Price:
    • Rp. 599.000,-
    • Rp. 499.000,-
  • Product Detail:
    • Distinctive Design
    • Effortless Charging
    • Clutter-free Convenience
    • Perfect Match For Your Galaxy S6
    • Highly Compatible
  • Product Store:
    • Seller: ST-Toms
    • Store: Matahari Mall
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    • Update: 11/05/2016
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Unlike most conventional chargers, this Samsung Wireless Charging pad is both unique and beautiful in design. Its clear, glass-look details and glossy finish add a touch of sophistication, and allows it to fit in well with a variety of interior settings.

Charging your phone is easier than ever with the Samsung Wireless Charger. No need to connect a cable to your smartphone ? simply place your mobile device on the charger pad and watch it charge....so easy.

Samsung Wireless Charger helps keeping that minimal clutter-free look easy. It looks great wherever you use it ? the living room, the office or the bedroom.

Samsung Wireless Charger is a great fit with any compatible wireless charging handset The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge is even easier to charge, simply place it on the charger, without any need for additional accessories. Its ambient LED display indicates charging status, turning from a subtle blue to a vibrant green when the battery is full

Samsung's Wireless Chargers comply with WPC wireless charging standards and allows you to enjoy reliable and convenient charging for a large range of devices. It provides you with great charging results every time ? minus the hassle of wires.


Minimise clutter with easy wireless charging
Charge your phone with a sophisticated design
Complement your new Galaxy S6 with a perfect match
Enjoy wirelessly charging other WPC standard devices