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    Samsung Handphone Guru Music 2 Double Sim Card - B310E Putih  

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    • Rp. 499.000,-
    • Rp. 387.030,-
  • Product Detail:
    • Music Player
    • Dual SIM GSM - GSM
    • Layar 2" TFT
    • Support Micro SD card slot
    • Memory Card Up to 16GB
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    • Store: Lazada
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    • Update: 28/04/2016
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Ukuran layar2.0
ModelSamsung Handphone Guru Music 2 Double Sim Card - B310E Putih
Ukuran (L x W x H cm)10x7x13
Garansi produkGaransi Resmi Samsung 1 Tahun
Berat (kg)0.3
Slim Slots2
Detail produk dari Samsung Handphone Guru Music 2 Double Sim Card - B310E Putih Surely you've ever been interested in listening to the phone calls but typically equipped with a color screen and menu icons fancy, simple but very interesting. So, when holding the Piton Samsung B310 phone , you'll still excited by the quality of the display 2'' TFT screen is clear, sharp text, display space extensively, meeting well for the basics.Samsung B310 phone cheap Piton2'' screen, showing sharpThanks to the wide screen, text message is displayed more comfortable, help you read faster and more convenient. For listening to phone calls, texting, the wide screen, has an important role to play to help you use the device comfortable, more convenient. 
SENSITIVE KEYPAD WITH BACKLIGHT, EASY TO USEKeypad, sensitive, responsive, well, makes your operation fast, easy. The feedback of the keys to the machine immediately, to avoid annoying the user when the machine latency, slow display characters ... backlit keyboard for your green actions in low light conditions. You can message, play games, find your contacts ... very easy and accurate in all conditions.Piton B310 Samsung T9 keyboardKeypad with backlightKeyboard navigation is extremely shallow, not much to separate the normal number keys so can meet the operation and navigation sensitivity but not very convenient when you need to click fast, much like the game snake predators such term.Compared with basic phone, color screen Nokia 105, Samsung B310 Piton bigger screen but not as bright, tactile keyboard, faster press speeds. However, outside of the Nokia 105 speakers loud and brighter. However, the volume level of 310 Piton still meet your needs, not affect call quality. 
DESIGN BEAUTIFUL, IMPRESSIVEDesign of Piton 310 will certainly bring excitement to you. The backside roughness, ridge helps you grasp definitely better products. You will be amazed when a basic phone, the Samsung cheap cared complete details pretty well.Piton Samsung B310Hand after holding the phone to help you make sure morePiton Samsung B310 2 sim phone2 sim phone handyMachine is lightweight, compact, good call quality listen, long battery life, standby time up to several days. You can entertain with Snake Predator game, Sudoku ... or listening to the radio when connected to a headset. The other utilities like calendar, reminders, calculator ... also be integrated on the machine. Phone support 2 sim, increased convenience, economy when using the product.