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    Quick Charge 2.0 30W Dual Ports USB Car Charger Qualcomm Tech (Intl)  

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    • Rp. 216.000,-
    • Rp. 216.000,-
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    • TS-CC2PC
    • Input: DC 12-24V (Max) 
    • Output 1: 5V/2.4A(Max)
    • Output 2: (Quick Charge 2.0):DC 5V2A,9V2A,12V/1.5A(Max)
    • Total power: 30W, 2 port
    • Dimensions: 22.2 x 22.8 x 49mm
    • USB Cable Length: 960mm
    • Color: Black
    • Material: Plastic
    • Net Weight: 54.6g
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    • Store: Lazada
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    • Update: 30/04/2016
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Detail produk dari Quick Charge 2.0 30W Dual Ports USB Car Charger Qualcomm Tech (Intl) feature:Model: TS-CC2PC@Input: DC 12-24V (Max) @Output 1: 5V/2.4A(Max)@Output 2: (Quick Charge 2.0):DC 5V2A,9V2A,12V/1.5A(Max)@Total power: 30W, 2 port@Dimensions: 22.2 x 22.8 x 49mm@USB Cable Length: 960mm@Color: Black@Material: Plastic@Net Weight: 54.6g@box:1 x  Car Charger1 x USB to Micro USB CableProduct details of  Charge 2.0 30W Dual Ports USB Car Charger Qualcomm Tech
Features:Quick Charge TM 2.0 Tech Less time for charging than beforeEnables the power adapter speed up to 75% faster than conventional technologyGuaranteed Safety Design with advanced technology to provide with over-current, over-heating, over-voltage, and short-circuit protection Dual USB Port Design Smart: With VoltIQ technology, which could automatically recognize your devices and is compatible with most of electronic devices
Specifications: Model: TS-CC2PCInput: DC 12-24V (Max) Output 1: 5V/2.4A(Max)Output 2: (Quick Charge 2.0):DC 5V2A,9V2A,12V/1.5A(Max)Total power: 30W, 2 portDimensions: 22.2 x 22.8 x 49mmUSB Cable Length: 960mmColor: BlackMaterial: PlasticNet Weight: 54.6g
Package Includes:1 x Tronsmart Rapid Car Charger 1 x USB to Micro USB Cable