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    Protective Shell Waterproof Case Cover Sports Accessories Mounting Kit for iPhone 5 & 5S, Waterproof Level: 10m  

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    • Waterproof
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    • Update: 28/04/2016
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Kompatibilitas MerekApple
Compatibility by ModelApple iPhone 5 / 5s
Material UtamaPlastik
Ukuran (L x W x H cm)15 x 10x 5
TipeBack Cover
Garansi produkNo Warranty
Berat (kg)0.2
Detail produk dari Protective Shell Waterproof Case Cover Sports Accessories Mounting Kit for iPhone 5 & 5S, Waterproof Level: 10m Features
The sports multi kits is a hardware solution for iPhone 5 & 5S that includes a wide-angle lens, a built-for-impact case and a mounting system. It turns your iPhone into the ultimate wide-angle sports camera.
1. Built-in, wide-angle glass lens gives your already great iPhone camera an even better perspective of the activity you are filming.
2. Hard-shell case securely protects your iPhone from knocks, scrapes and bashes.
3. Soft interior cushions your iPhone from hard blows and keeps vibration to a minimum.
4. Action button lets you start recording without needing screen access, keeping everything sealed up and your iPhone safe and protected.
5. Multiple mount options let you choose how and where you mount to best capture your activity. A bunch of mounts are already included end additional mounts can be purchased separately to customize kits to your needs.
6. The angle-lock feature on all our mounts makes sure kits stays positioned exactly where you put it. No more finishing an epic run only to find your camera in a completely different position than when you hit record.
7. Interchangeable case backs let you choose whether you want access to the home button and touch screen, or a fully waterproof enclosure. Choose what is appropriate, as you need it.The Dry land back allows access to the home button and screen with a tight seal against the glass providing one-touch access while keeping unexpected splashes at bay. The Water sports back makes fully waterproof so splashes and even full submersion are no problem. It is IP68 tested and ready when you are.

The multi kits widens the held of view of your iPhone camera. But it cannot improve image stabilization beyond that of the hardware and software version of your particular iPhone. Whenever possible we recommend updating your device to the newest IOS for the best results. While the mounts are built to be secure and stable, some activities and your ability level may generate more vibration than optics and image stabilization can handle. In these scenarios you can isolate the multi kits from vibrations by mounting it on your body with a chest harness or helmet mount Try different solutions to find what works best for you.