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    OPENJUMPER OJ-XM1134 Infrared Receiver Remote Control Module Set (Red)  

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    • Rp. 191.318,-
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    • Brand : OPENJUMPER
    • Color : Red
    • Material : PCB board
    • Module size: 25 x 20mm
    • Working voltage: 5V
    • Modulation frequency: 38KHz
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    • Store: Lazada
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    • Update: 29/04/2016
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Ukuran (L x W x H cm)21 x 21 x 21
Garansi produkNo warranty
Berat (kg)1.00
Detail produk dari OPENJUMPER OJ-XM1134 Infrared Receiver Remote Control Module Set (Red) Brand OPENJUMPER Model OJ-XM1134 Quantity 1 Color Red Material PCB board Features Contain one infrared remote control and module, infrared remote control transmitter infrared 38K carrier signal transmitted by the remote control in the encoder chip to encode. Specification Module size: 25 x 20mm; Working voltage: 5V; Modulation frequency: 38KHz; Signal Type: Digital Signal; the infrared receiver module pin definition: S: Signal feet; +: VCC; -: GND the remote control parameters: Key settings: 20 keys (numbers 0-9, power, volume, etc.) Battery type: 1 x CR2025 (included); Transmitting frequency: 38KHz; Transmitting distance:more than 8m; Effective angle: 60 degrees; Sticking material: 0.125mmPET (effective life 20,000 times); Current :3-5uA (static) / 3-5mA (dynamic) Application When you press the remote control button, the remote control sends out infrared carrier signal, infrared receiver receives the signal, the carrier signal to decode the program, through the data to determine the different codes which key is pressed; At this point you can use the infrared remote control kit with arduino make a simple infrared remote interactive work. English Manual/Spec Yes (E-file) Packing List 1 x Infrared transmitter module 1 x Infrared receiver 1 x Remote control 2 x 3P Dupont line