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    MEElectronics Sport-Fi Universal Armband for Smartphone Up to 4.8 Inch - U3 - Black/Green

  • Product Price:
    • Rp. 180.000,-
    • Rp. 169.000,-
  • Product Detail:
    • Anda bisa bebas bergerak saat nge Gym
    • Ada kantung rahasia
    • Touchscreen compatible
    • Max 4.8
  • Product Store:
    • Seller: Citra Mall
    • Store: Matahari Mall
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    • Update: 09/05/2016
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Designed to fit portable devices such as the Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4, the MEElectronics Sport-Fi universal armband allows you to work out and move freely while listening to your favorite music without fear of accidentally losing or damaging your device. Features Protection for Your Device The Sport-Fi armband keeps your device in reach but out of harm's way. Designed for phones and portable media players with screen sizes up to 4.9 inches, the armband fits snugly to prevent your device from being jostled and bumped while keeping the screen from getting scratched or dirty. One Size Fits All A dual-slot strap design allows the MEElectronics Sport-Fi armband to fit a wide range of arm sizes comfortably without adding bulk. The slim, lightweight, and durable neoprene material can be hand-washed.
Perfect for Active Use The Sport-Fi armband is touchscreen compatible, allowing you to easily access and operate your device. A hidden key pocket can be used to store a key to your home, car, or gym locker while the sporty two-tone color scheme fits right in at the gym or on the street. Other Features Touchscreen compatibleFits most phones and media devices up to 4.9"Dual-slot strap design for a wide range of arm sizesHidden key pocket Photos of MEElectronics Sport-Fi Universal Armband for Smartphone Up to 4.8 Inch - U3