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    Magnetic Support Universal Car Dashboard Mount Phone Holder Bracket Phone Magnet Support (Intl)  

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    •  stylish and easy to use -Securing your device is effortless. Simply include adhesive metal plate adhere to the back of your phone, and then the mobile phone via a magnetic holder. Car installation can achieve true 360-degree rotation. This is different from other similar products. Mobile phone holder, you can use your phone to adjust to any angle, you can always keep your mobile phone vision.
    •  adhere to any surface, installed capacity of the phone is not just for your car dashboard. With its bonded group, it can be stuck to any surface. You can use it as a DESK ornament, and put your phone on it while working. When you want to use your cell phone, it is always coverage. Adhesive disc has two additional re-install a piece of cake. Your phone will be installed in the car to install close, no jitter.
    •  FANTASTIC and stylish design - it's fashionable and unique design. Phone Holder have a choice of two identities. This type of flag is a hawk. It symbolizes freedom. Size is suitable for any smartphones like iPhone6 ​​s / 6S plus / 6 / 5S / 5C / 5 / 4S / 4 or Samsung Galaxy S5 / S4, Samsung Mini S3 / S2, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4/3/2, blackberry , HTC, LG and Nokia, which is a FANSTANSTIC gadget.
    • high-end technology - vehicles mounted with its notable features. It is very luxurious with Swarovski diamonds is different from other ordinary products. And 3M adhesive technology to provide strong adhesion. This means that your phone will not be detached from the bracket.
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    • Update: 29/04/2016
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Detail produk dari Magnetic Support Universal Car Dashboard Mount Phone Holder Bracket Phone Magnet Support (Intl) HIGH QULAITY. EFFORTLESS TO USE. INTRODUCING  MAGNETIC PHONE HOLDER:ALLTHE FLAIR STANDARD PHONE MOUNTS, MUCH LESS BULK! Literally, this Magnetic Phone Holder can be used anywhere. 
Its adhesive base allows you to stick it to whatever surface you want including your car dashboard, office desktop or car vent. 
Don't worry about it falling off even if you are driving down a bumpy road ,this phone holder STAYS STUCK! How it works: 
Simply stick the metallic disk on the back of your phone, and then place it over the sleek steel ball. Then your device will stay firmly attached. We assure you that the magnetic pull is strong enough to keep your phone 100% SECURE without causing any damage. 
 magnetic Cell phone holder dash mount consists of: 
*1 Detachable magnetic disk, gives you a choice to keep the magnet at the back of your device  *2 metallic phone plate and 2 3M tapes  *1 steel ANTI-RUST ball mount for 360-degree rotation  *alcohol cleaning pad  *1 instruction book 
While this magnet will not harm your phone, make sure to keep it away from credit cards, pacemakers and other magnet-sensitive devices. You are BACKED by our 100% money back And Satisfaction Guarantee! If for any reason your are not completely happy with your purchase, do not think twice and give us a call! We'll work with you till you are satisfied, or else hook you up with a FULL REFUND. No ques+tions asked! SCROLL UP AND CLICK ADD TO CART NOW TO MAKE SURE  PHNOE MOUNT A PART OF YOUR LIFE! DEFINITELY YOU WILL BENEFIT FROM OUR PRODUCTS.