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    Lifeproof LifeActiv Belt Clip with QuickMount - Hitam

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    • Rp. 550.000,-
    • Rp. 369.550,-
  • Product Detail:
    • Shockproof
    • Dirtproof
    • Multi/2 Layer Protector
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    • Seller: I-PPLE
    • Store: Matahari Mall
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    • Update: 04/05/2016
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Product Waranty1 Tahun Garansi Ammob Authorized Otterbox Lifeproof Indonesia, Garansi Hanya menyangkut Case Cover Non Device
Model NumberLifeprrof Belt Clip Bike Holder
The LifeActiv Belt Clip with QuickMount keeps your phone by your side andquick on the draw. Featuring a 2-inch clip, it attaches to traditional belts,utility belts, backpacks and purses. And the QuickMount holds your phone with a quick click, and lets go with a simple twist. Plus, the sleek designmakes it the lowest-profile quick-mount belt clip on the market. LifeActiv includes the easy-to-install adaptor and everything needed topair your LifeProof or other brand case with the QuickMount. Once theadaptor?s installed, your phone works with the entire lineup of LifeActiv Quick Mount accessories. * Garansi Original - 10x Money Back Guarantee * Garansi Original 1 Years Warranty Authorized Lifeproof Indonesia