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    Hippo® Car GPS Navigation high temperature silicone stent 360 rotating navigation frame (Intl)  

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    • Rp. 250.000,-
    • Rp. 98.800,-
  • Product Detail:
    • absorption force for stable performance
    • Washable
    • Non-toxic and resistant to high temperature
    • Buffers shock
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    • Store: Lazada
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    • Update: 29/04/2016
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Ukuran (L x W x H cm)10 x 8 x 10
Garansi produkNo Warranty
Berat (kg)0.08
Detail produk dari Hippo® Car GPS Navigation high temperature silicone stent 360 rotating navigation frame (Intl)
Magic pad is a new polymer pad, which is made of PU elastomers, deformation and easy to restore, without any adhesives, but better than any glue. Stability: It has a fixed force, the item can be placed at any angle and more secure. Skid resistance: once firmly affixed, will not fall. Convenience: free paste, free removal, free to carry, free to use. Non-toxic pollution, no benzene release,environmentally friendly. Temperature resistance: high temperature, low temperature, 80 degrees Celsius and minus 20 degrees, the nature of its use remain unchanged. Durability: can be used repeatedly for more than 2 years, won't aged, its fixed force, elastic unabated, the effect is the same. Easy to clean: cleaning without any detergent, just need water,no need of cloth, gently drying then it can restored to the original use efficiency. Instructions: The large pad on the top of the dashboard. Another piece holder iron support play an appropriate angle, the mesh is on its own side, the other side attached to the large pad. Small pads attached to the iron mesh can, put a small film direction of the grid to adjust according to usage. Note: The material must be posted by the back plane. Of course, these two pads can also be used alone.