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    HDMI Transfer Cable (Black)  

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    • Support 1Mbps bidirectional auxiliary channel
    • Support for digital audio and video
    • Transfer Cable
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    • Update: 29/04/2016
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Ukuran (L x W x H cm)10 x 8 x 6
Garansi produkNo Warranty
Berat (kg)0.1
Detail produk dari HDMI Transfer Cable (Black) Note: The color of the item may vary slightly due to photography and your own computer
This item can only pass signal from display port to HDMI port. It is not a bi-directional cable.
1.Supports 8-bit and 10-bit color
2.Data transfer rate :1.2Gbps
3.Support 1Mbps bidirectional auxiliary channel
4.Support single-channel, one-way, four-line connection
5.Support ultra-high-resolution 2560x1600/2048x1536
6.Supports 30/36 bit color depth
7.Support for digital audio and video
8.Support for RSA (digital signature) technology
Diameter :6mm
Length: 1.8M 70.87inch(approx 5.9ft)
Color: Black
Weight :90g

Package Include:
1x 1.8M Display Port TO HDMI Transfer Cable