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    Generic FM-09 Univeral LCD Display 360� Rechargable Clip Vehicle Car Mount Holder Handsfree Calling FM Transmitter MP3 Speaker for Smart Cell phones (Intl)  

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    • WIRELESS 3 IN 1 DEVICE:FM Transmitter/Built In Speaker/Clamp Holder.Built-in Battery,no need plug into the lighter socket.Plug the AUX Cable to connect this to your phone,it will work
    • Safe And Easily In Car To Play Music&Make Phone Call&Use GPS.Free your hands when you driving,you can Choose to make calls & play music through your car speakers OR built-in speaker
    • Specially Holder designed:The mounting bracket with strong suction cup that attaches the holder securely to your windshield/Dashboard,Moreover can 360 degrees rotate to offer you a comfortable viewing angle
    • Speaker/FM transmitter two modes. Digital Display FM transmit frequency, last memory. Automatic power-saving mode.
    • Stable sucker clip structure. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, low consumption design
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    • Store: Lazada
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    • Update: 29/04/2016
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An overview of product functionsThis product is designed for smart phones and other portable products supporting the design of multifunctional fixed bracket is clamped with can play a function of existing smartphone itself is a strong, set a fixed phone, sound amplification, FM launch function in one, let your phone in car hands-free calls, navigation, watching videos, from car audio to enjoy high-quality music on mobile phones become more convenient, use more secure a practical products.

 1Fixed clip for mobile phone2Diameter 3.5MM audio input jack3: FMTransmit frequency display4: in transmit mode, short press the firing frequency 0.1MHz decline, according to 1MHz decline in speaker mode: press once: on the iPhone song function5Microphone head6: long press: Horn / FM transmitting output mode switching, short according to mobile phones with connected on the headset button function, for example: answer the phone, hang up the phone, music playback, pause and other functions7Indicator: blue light work indicator, red light is the charging indicator8: in transmit mode: short according to the transmit frequency 0.1MHz increase, according to 1MHz increase in speaker mode: according to a mobile phone iPhone song function9Power switchTenUSB DC5V_MICRO charging jack11:Fixed sucker Two: product features1Suitable for all kinds of mobile phones, IPAD, game consoles, GPS and other portable mobile devices2: it is suitable for use in the car and in the home and office.3Answer: convenient mobile phone and dial the phone hands-free function4: easy to drive when the mobile phone navigation, video playback, send and receive text messages, travel records5Music on the phone through the car audio quality playback6Speaker and FM launch two output modes, a key fast switching7: digital tube display FM emission frequency, working status of automatic memory8Automatic power saving mode9Human mature suction cup clip structure, firm and reliable, can be as wide as TenCM large screen smart phone10: built in rechargeable lithium battery, intelligent power saving Three: the use of methodsA:Basic use1: to absorb the product to the glass or other smooth plane, adjust the appropriate position.2:The mobile phone clip in the red soft position, adjust the angle3: with the accompanying audio connecting one end of the insert phone headphone output port, the phone displays for the headphone output mode, and the other end is inserted into the audio input jack

 4Power switch to dial up, turn on the power switch, blue light5Digital tube display "SP" is currently in the speaker output state, mobile phone voice from the speaker output6: if the digital tube display 88.1-107.9 between digital that is currently in the FM transmit mode, open car audio switch to FM mode7:Long press the buttonSwitch Horn / FM transmit mode, the mobile phone volume buttons to adjust the volume (note the volume is not adjustment is too large, otherwise it may produce the phenomenon of breaking the sound)8Using FM transmission mode speakerphone can achieve better communication effect B:Adjust the FM emission frequency, the following operation in the FM state1Short pressKey, the emission frequency to 0.1MHz decrease, long pressDecrease in 1MHz2Short pressKey to increase the frequency of 0.1MHz, long pressWith the increase of 1MHz3Radio frequency: or adjust the car audio frequency make the mobile phone voice will be out of the car audio 

4When used, it is better to use the radio or radio frequency to use the weak, in order to get better use effect C:control1Short press the buttonThe key function of mobile phone headset, and the same line, such as phone, phone, music play / pause etc.2Apple series mobile phone in the SP state, press the buttonAnd buttonCan control the last song, the next song of the audio playback3Or directly control the related operations via mobile phone. D:Power saving mode, the following circumstances will automatically enter the intelligent power saving mode1: work process, 30 seconds didn't press any buttons, showing will automatically turn off, in power did not show the state, according to awaken any key to related operations2In the FM state, 30 seconds no voice input, will automatically turn off the launch of FM, once the voice input, immediately start the launch3Please turn off the power when you get off the bus. E:Charge the product1: when the voltage of battery is insufficient when may influence the output of horn sound effects, no electricity will automatically shut down, the blue indicator lights go out, then you need to charge to the products2: end of the will with the micro USB cable into the product of charging port, the other end insert USB car charger or computer or other dc-5v output socket3The red charging indicator light, that is to the internal battery, about 2-3 hours will be filled with continuous charging4: This product supports edge charging, while working, this time the indicator light is displayed as pink5: This product is attached to the car charger can also give the same interface of mobile phone charging Four: product specifications1Audio input jack: diameter 3.5MM-4 segment input2Speaker output power: 4 ohm /2W3FM emission frequency: 88.1~107.9MHz4:Built in lithium battery capacity: 300 MHA5:Charge: 1A DC5V6:Support maximum cell phone size: width 10CM7:Working temperature -10~60 degree8Storage temperature -20~70 degree9Maximum size: 16CM (L) *5.6CM (W) *8CM (H) (in).10Product net weight: 108 G Five: Accessories1 Audio linkThis product comes standard with the audio line compatible with the market such as apple, Samsung, HTC, Huawei and other most brands of smart phones, but Nokia Series a few phone need additional configuration2 Car charge3 USB MICRO charging line4 Instruction manual