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    Foldable Phone Holder Stand Stents Pink  

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    • Your ;devices ;can ;be ;conveniently ;positioned ;with ;this ;adjustable ;and ;foldable ;cradle
    • Portable, ;small ;and ;extremely ;light ;in ;weight ;that ;you ;can ;easily ;put ;it ;in ;your ;pocket ;or ;bag
    • If ;you ;have ;this ;holder, ;you ;need ;not ;to ;hold ;your ;mobile ;phone ;and ;tablet ;with your ;hand ;when ;you ;use ;them
    • You ;can ;hold ;your ;smart ;phone ;or ;tablet ;in ;both ;vertical ;and ;horizontal ;orientations. Strong ;and ;reliable, ;steady ;and ;firm
    • Flexible ;so ;that ;it ;will ;not ;wear ;or ;scratch ;your ;devices
    • Universal ;to ;most ;small ;tablets ;& ;smart ;phones
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    • Store: Lazada
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    • Update: 29/04/2016
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Ukuran (L x W x H cm)6 x 3 x 3
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Detail produk dari Foldable Phone Holder Stand Stents Pink

1. Brand ;new ;and ;in ;high ;quality.

2. 8 ;colors ;are ;provided.

3. Unique ;and ;funny ;design.

4. Your ;devices ;can ;be ;conveniently ;positioned ;with ;this ;adjustable ;and ;foldable ;cradle.

5. Portable, ;small ;and ;extremely ;light ;in ;weight ;that ;you ;can ;easily ;put ;it ;in ;your ;pocket ;or ;bag.

6.If ;you ;have ;this ;holder, ;you ;need ;not ;to ;hold ;your ;mobile ;phone ;and ;tablet ;with ;

; ;your ;hand ;when ;you ;use ;them.

7. You ;can ;hold ;your ;smart ;phone ;or ;tablet ;in ;both ;vertical ;and ;horizontal ;orientations.

8. Strong ;and ;reliable, ;steady ;and ;firm

9. Flexible ;so ;that ;it ;will ;not ;wear ;or ;scratch ;your ;devices.

10.Universal ;to ;most ;small ;tablets ;& ;smart ;phones

11. Accessory ;ONLY, ;other ;devices ;are ;not ;included


Color: ;white, ;black, ;red, blue, ;deep ;blue, ;green, ;grey, ; for Pink

Note:dear friend,please choose the colours you like and leave us a message ,

; ; ; ; ;or we will send you randomly,thank you for your understandings!

Material: ;Plastic, ;Rubber