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    ERA X6 3 Head Up Display HUD Car OBD2 Voltage Speed Warning Fuel Consumption  

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Ukuran (L x W x H cm)21 x 21 x 21
Garansi produkNo Warranty
Berat (kg)1
Detail produk dari ERA X6 3 Head Up Display HUD Car OBD2 Voltage Speed Warning Fuel Consumption Features:
1. Automatic adaptation car models, and can apply for cars in line with OBD II or EUOBD (onboard automatic diagnostic system).Plug and Play.
2. 3' screen and high-definition display
3. Multi-color design makes the screen more abundant and easier to read
4. The use of nano-technology to eliminate unwanted reflections and can make display information more sharper.
5. Display rich content: speed, engine speed, water temperature, battery voltage, fuel consumption,low voltage alarm, high temperature alarm, speed alarm,free switching between kilometer and mile,free switching between ℃ and ℉.
6. Auto power on and off with vehicle started and shutdown, effective protection of the car battery  while retaining the manual switch mode, and more easy to control HUD.
7. Automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode, driving without glare.

HUD Button function:
1. OBDII interface, to contact the vehicle OBD interface.
2. Button for power on and off
3.Wave button: Up button (turning the button to upside),OK button(pressing the button vertically),Down button (turning the button to downside)

HUD display information:
1. Light sensors: brightness can be changed with the change of the outside brightness.
2. Rotation speed: indicates the rotating status of the engine, 1 means 1000/min
3. Buzzer mark
4.Fuel consumption mark
5.Fuel consumption: instantaneous fuel consumption and average fuel consumption
6.Fuel consumption unit: L/H
7.Fuel consumption unit: L/100km
8.Alarm icon: water temperature alarm, battery voltage alarm and over speed alarm.
9.Unit mark: ℃-degree centigrade, ℉ -Fahrenheit, V -voltage, MPH-Mile per hour, KM/H-kilometer per hour
10.Multi-function display: speed, voltage, water temperature.
11.Rotation speed: indicates the rotating status of the engine and the scale measured represents the speed reached

HUD Host Color: Gold & black
Environment temperature: -40°C—+80°C
Barometric press: 86—106 KPa
Relative humidity: 10%—95%
Environment voice: =60 dB(A)
Alarm of sound level:> =30dB(A)
Work voltage: 9V~16V DC(12V DC/400mA)
HUD Host Size: 9*5.4*1.2(cm)
Net weight: 40g

Package includes:
1 * HUD Host
1 * OBD 2 Interface
1 * Anti-slip Mat
1 * Reflective Film