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    Car Monitor Radio Kit (Black) (Intl)  

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    • Car Electronics
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    • Car MP5
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    • Update: 29/04/2016
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Detail produk dari Car Monitor Radio Kit (Black) (Intl) Super clear 3.6 -inch widescreen make your visual more comfortableReal Gao Qingquan perspective digital screenSupport the lyrics, ID3 display;Support nondestructive APE, FLAC, WAV, DTSPerfect sound beyond CD;Perfect support more than 1378 KBPS high bit rate,Hd video network RMVB, MKV, FLV;1080 * 1080 1080 p hd video playback;Front AUX audio input, 2 video output;7388 power amplifier IC, power 4 * 50 wDoes the fixed black panel:Reveal car of fashion and noble! The interior design of super stability: adopting the computer motherboard PCB, double panel, SMD process parts! Performance and quality more stable. The double-sided PCB, real! Is a single layer of rosin board can't compare with single.Does a new perspective of original Xia Puquan hd 3.6 inch TFT screen:True digital display, permeates the sense of science and technology and mystery.Does ST4702 radio module:Equipped with high performance electronic chip FM radio (mountain path can ensure the effect of radio never bit) note: is an external antenna, the original machine unworthy antenna.Does electronic tuning stereo on-board radio:Automatic scanning FM radio and store 18 stations,Does high configuration power amplifier:High power amplifier IC 7388 high quality imported four channel output (each channel can be adjusted independently), according to the individual feels out sound, as if singers breathe all quick spray to the face, stay cool! New thickening of the integrated circuit protection function are more rural control cooling heat sink, love machine no longer because of overheating and strike!Does many EQ sound optional:Such as rock, jazz, pop, classical audio sound choice, independent treble, bass, about acoustic field before and after adjustment (four channel can adjust alone, you just want to make the sound or even only one horn ring) the above regulation is + 7, 7 way adjustment, high and low sounds rather than a solid die. Suitable for different tone color preferences of audio enthusiasts!Does many formats supported:Audio support APE FALC MP3, WMA, etc., support nondestructive music, music CD.Video support RMVB AVI 3 gp MPG FLV ASF WMV MP4, etc., to support high-definition 1080 p.By way of network and computer to download is too easy, never leave home can enjoy the merlot, joy? !Does the rich external functions:Line 2 RCA terminal audio video output, can answer the subwoofer and amplifier, can connect the monitor. Challenge audio fancier auditory limit, very easy to use!Does the international standard measurements:With panel size (MM) : 188 wide high X 116 X 58 deep; Installation size (178 MM) wide high X 116 X 50 deep, various models of appropriate installation (pack of each car is different, some even equipped with a sound modified boxes) if they persist, advice please professional generation!Main functions:U support LRC England lyrics and ID3 displayU support APE, FLAC, WAV, DTS lossless audio formats, support high bit rate! Sound quality "CD level;U support audio broadcast: DIS, MP3, WMA, ACC, OGG and WAV, RA, FLAC, AC3, MP2, AMR, etc.U play video support: AVI, MP4, TS, ASF, FLV, MKV, PMP, RM, RMVB, MPG format, etc. Hd 1080 pU support image browsing capabilities (such as JPEG format) taken the big clock displayU the machine with a 3.6 -inch digital high-definition TFT true color LCD display, dynamic menu interface.U support SD/MMC card, high-speed USB2.0 interface is compatible with all kinds of U disk, mobile hard disk, etc., to support hot plug.Taken the card type full-function remote control. Taken the full digital servo circuit.Taken the new chipset (CPU), the processing of reaction is faster, more stable performance, more powerful!Taken the new design modelling, volume knob adjustment. A variety of sound option (DSP) :Painted a variety of sound adjustment (SEL) : about electronic volume, treble, bass, balance, acoustic field before and after the adjustment.Taken the loudness switch, such as Loud reverberation Bassy outstanding!Taken the special-purpose DSP chip was adopted to realize a variety of nondestructive/decoding of lossy audio formats;Taken the hardware electronic sound effects (EQ) processing, a variety of sound pattern, high and low can;U all electronic digital search the radio station, high performance digital tuning FM radio automatic scanning, 18 station storeU songs memory airing function! Let you play MP3 is no longer hard first started;Taken the support menu.U support random broadcast, repeat play all, repeat, repeat single directory.U can fast forward, fast rewind, pause playback. Track scans of audition.Taken the MUTE function (.mute) convenient answer the callTaken the AUX audio input interface Can be an external MP3, GPS, mobile phones, walkman and other audio input.Taken the USB support large current output, can charge the battery for mobile phone;Taken the two-way video output (RCA) can be an external 2 displays. Support CVBS video output.Taken the two-way audio output (RCA) can meet power amplifier, the subwoofer.Four channel u high quality high power output 4 * 50 w high power amplifier IC TDA7388 imported from overseas.Taken the special upset the cooling system, and a highlight of the machine.Features: the machine is in the process of video playback, long press A/V, switch to the video output mode, switch to the external display shows, shut down the machine screen shows at the same time. Then closed the A/V can be external display shows, restore native screen display.Warm prompt: this machine is the 12 v  car machine, does not support after reversing visual, you can't put the disc, not a DVD or CD, is the card machine. Can be plugged into the USB interface and memory CARDS SD playback of audio and video, very practical card machine, don't think to a disc