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    Capdase MD00-0001 Car Mount Holder - Universal - Hitam  

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    • Rp. 128.000,-
    • Rp. 76.000,-
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    • Converts your windshield mount to dashboard mount
    • Dashboard application with 3M adhesive
    • Easy installation or removal of the windshield mount
    • 6 months warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase
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    • Store: Lazada
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    • Update: 29/04/2016
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ModelMounting Disc
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Detail produk dari Capdase MD00-0001 Car Mount Holder - Universal - Hitam If you own a windscreen mount for your phone and would like the flexible option of a dashboard mount, then invest in the Adhesive Mounting Disc from Capdase. This simple disc holds your suction car mount virtually anywhere. A strong 3M adhesive layer especially for dashboard application is placed on the bottom of the disc. The only precaution you need to take before applying the adhesive is to make sure the surface is dust free, clean and non-greasy.

Once fixed, the 3M adhesive layer is not reusable so be sure of where exactly you want to place the disc on the dashboard. Basically all Capdase Car Mount holders can be mounted on Dashboard (in addition to wind shield glass). They come with Dual Layers Glue Tape, however dashboards are generally not smooth on the surface and there are bound to be air gaps. The Mounting Disc has very smooth surface on top thus car mount holders can easily be mounted on this disc and will not fall off.