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    Blackberry Z10 16GB - Black

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    • Blackberry OS
    • 3 Months Retrons Warranty
    • Touch Screen
    • Li-Ion 1800 mAh battery
    • BlackBerry 10 OS
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    • Store: Matahari Mall
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    • Update: 02/05/2016
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Product Waranty3 Months Retrons Warranty
Blackberry has decided to jump onto the touchscreen smartphone bandwagon and they have done so with such finesse and style. The Blackberry Z10 is Blackberry’s first ever touchscreen smartphone and it will definitely not be its last, seeing as it comes with loads of apps and features which work seamlessly together in assisting you in your daily activities.

Superior PerformancePowered by the Blackberry 10 OS, the Z10 is ultra-responsive; detecting, predicting, and responding to the slightest touch on the screen. Paired with the Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon chipset, be ready for a world of possibilities with the Z10 as you’ll be able to finally explore to the depths of the Earth with it. Smoother UI (user interface) and quicker response time are just a few of the benefits when it comes to owning a Z10.

Endless Multitasking CapabilitiesCourtesy of the Blackberry Hub feature, the Z10 allows you to have total access and control over it with just one finger. Slide your finger upwards, downwards, as well as sideways to stay in touch with what is important to you. Respond to messages and emails quicker, set dates and meetings without losing track on everything else you have going on in the Z10. The Dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait processor will be by your side the entire way, ensuring that multitasking will be this easy all the time.

Memory CapacityWith 16GB worth of memory to work with, you never have to worry about downloading too many apps or keeping too much documents in it. If you do feel that 16GB is insufficient, The Z10 can accommodate microSD cards up to 64GB. Its 2GB RAM is nothing to laugh about as it determines how many apps you can have open simultaneously (in case you were wondering, it’s a lot.)

Autocorrect No More!Are you tired of always sending long text messages, and only realizing after you hit ‘Send’ that your phone would autocorrect a few words for you, totally misleading your message? That will never happen with the Z10. Its touchscreen keyboard provides you with an almost effortless typing experience. It adapts to your writing style, suggesting words you meant to type which increases the efficiency level of messaging while maintaining its accuracy and precision. This allows you to put in even the minimalist of efforts and still have a perfectly written text or email done. The Z10 recognizes misspelled words even before you’re done typing it and will adjust it subtly and quickly.

BBM Video ChattingFor any old school Blackberry users, you remember BBM being your main source of messaging before WhatsApp was introduced into the scene. Blackberry has revolutionized BBM by introducing it once again, but with an added feature: BBM Video. Instead of texting, you can now video chat with your loved ones, making it easier to communicate between each other. The share screen feature allows the person you’re chatting with to see what you are currently doing on the Z10. You can even switch that feature over to the rear camera to show them what you’re looking at.

Crystal Clear DisplayThe spectacular 4.2” display screen on the Z10 allows all your images, videos, apps, and websites come to life. Experience a whole new level of sharp and pristine display as every image and video captured can be viewed back in its highest quality. Enjoy your HD videos and games through it’s highly responsive touchscreen.

Always Be Kept on TrackAre you always forgetting where the party this weekend was going to be, or when your projects were due? With the Blackberry Remember app in the Z10, you can now sort out all your dates, meetings, dinners, and projects into separate folders for you to have a clearer and more detailed look at what you have going on. This allows you to be more efficient with your time while letting the Z10 sort through your memos and files, ensuring that it will be sorted accordingly.

Manage Your Calendar Easily & EfficientlyThe Blackberry Calendar in the Z10 is something out of this world; instead of scheduling the usual meetings and having to find the right contacts to invite, the Z10 will suggest on who to invite based on your existing contacts as well as bring up past contacts you have had meetings with. It will also display social updates and recent messages you’ve had with your friends to keep you in the loop in their lives.

Tap to ShareWant to be able to share your favourite music playlists or videos you took on your last holiday with your friends instantly? The Z10 comes with NFC one-touch via the Blackberry Tag which only requires another NFC-enabled Blackberry device. Simply tap the two devices together to add as a BBM contact, swap photos, discover new apps, or even connect it to a headset. Just choose what you want to share and let the Blackberry Tag handle the rest.