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    BC10 Universal Bluetooth Car Kit Mp3 Player Fm Transmitter Dual Usb Charger Led Display Handsfree Kit (Intl)  

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    • Rp. 496.000,-
    • Rp. 280.000,-
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    • Dual USB ports, provide power to other devices and the maximum output is 5V/4.2V
    • Call Echo Candellation and Noise Reduction (CVC) technology
    • Bluetooth stereo music play
    • Answer/hang up/reject/redial the call Bluetooth
    • FM transmitter connect car radio
    • LED display window. Bluetooth hands-free talking stereo music play.
    • Bluetooth stereo and FM Transmitter.
    • Automatic memory function of power failure frequency point.
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    • Store: Lazada
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    • Update: 30/04/2016
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Detail produk dari BC10 Universal Bluetooth Car Kit Mp3 Player Fm Transmitter Dual Usb Charger Led Display Handsfree Kit (Intl) This products for car dedicated Bluetooth and car filling, used high performance professional level of Bluetooth module, if you with Bluetooth function of phone calls can automatically switch to hands-free calls of State, calls end Hou and automatically cut returned to music play State, also can will you phone in of music through wireless launches of way launches to you of car audio, not need modified you of car can easily makes you of driving way both can enjoy music and can hands-free using phone calls, entertainment security two not errors.   Product features: 1: supports digital display 2: Bluetooth hands-free calling 3: Bluetooth stereo music playback support 4: call echo elimination and noise suppression (CVC) technology 5: dual USB power for other devices, the total output 5V/3.1A 6: Stereo Bluetooth and FM launch technology 7: automatic power off memory function

    This product is a special Bluetooth car charger that can switch the call to the hands-free state via the professional Bluetooth module as long as the mobile phone is provided with the Bluetooth function. When the call is finished, it will be switched to the music play automatically. It can also send the music in your phone to your car sound wirelessly. You can enjoy the music and answer the call in hand-free mode without refitting your car, which ensure the driving safety while enjoying music.

  Product Features 1: LED display window 2: Bluetooth hands-free talking 3: Bluetooth stereo music play 4: Call Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction (CVC) technology 5:Dual USB output. total output 5V/3.1A 6: Bluetooth stereo and FM Transmitter 7: Automatic memory function of power failure frequency point  

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  Technical parameters

Rated working voltage 12V Limiting voltage 9~26V USB output 5V/3.1A Working temperature 0~50du Signal to noise ratio >60dB Distortion 60dB Distortion