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    Adjustable Car Air Vent Holder for Iphone 6 HTC Samsung S6 Sony G20k (Black) (Intl)  

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    • Rp. 159.000,-
    • Rp. 159.000,-
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    •  CONVENIENT: Drive without worrying. The G20 smartphone holder attaches easily to you air vent so you can drive and use your phone as a GPS or take calls without ever taking your hand off the wheel.
    • EASY: Super easy to install and once it's fastened, it stays there! Simply clamp it in your air vent next to your wheel and begin using it right away!
    • RELIABLE: Equipped with the technology to protect against short circuiting as well as over current and over voltage - It provides maximum reliability without compromising charging ability or taking up unnecessary space.
    • DOES IT'S JOB: The high-quality, soft, non-slip surface keeps your phone tightly locked in... Without leaving a scratch on it. The clamp is easy to attach to your phone, once it's attached it doesn't let go until you tell it to.
    • ADJUSTABLE: Can be adjusted to fit any Smartphone or device from 55mm to 80mm in width. The built-in ball on the back ensures that you can rotate your device 360 degrees. Adjust your Smartphone to landscape or standing mode, easy as that.
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    • Update: 29/04/2016
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Detail produk dari Adjustable Car Air Vent Holder for Iphone 6 HTC Samsung S6 Sony G20k (Black) (Intl) Universal Car Air Vent Mount Holder For iPhone 6 Plus 6 5 5s Samsung Galaxy Note S4 S3 S6 Huawei Smartphone Bracket Cradle G20K G20K Car Air Vent Holder, Convenient and Safe! Keep your cell phone or other devices within reach.  G20K Car Air Vent Holder allows you to mount every device with or without case on it. Innovative ball head design allows you to adjust perfect angle in 360 degrees. It also allows you to tilt to left, right, up and down to create perfect position. 

360 degrees rotaion, give you multiple viewing angles and best orientation
113 - 168mm width range, suitable for most smartphones or other devices ( 4 - 6.3 inch screen size)
Anti-slip silicone design, well protect device from scratch
This G20K car air holder is suitable for rectangle shape of car air vent blade, make sure that your car air vent can use it.
Type: Organizer And Holders 
Model : G20K 
Color : Black 
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