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    AC Power Adapter Charger CA-560 for CANON Optura Pi MV30 ZR10 ZR20 MiniDV Camcorder (Intl)  

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    • Rp. 360.000,-
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    • AC/Wall
    • Power Adapter
    • Battery Charger
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    • Store: Lazada
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    • Update: 30/04/2016
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Ukuran (L x W x H cm)5 x 3 x 6
Garansi produkNo Warranty
Berat (kg)0.3
Detail produk dari AC Power Adapter Charger CA-560 for CANON Optura Pi MV30 ZR10 ZR20 MiniDV Camcorder (Intl) AC Power Adaptor Charger Cord for CANON CA-560 CG-560 CR-560
•Input: 100-240V
•Output: 9.5V 2.7A
•Color: Black
•Frequency: 50/60 Hz
•Weight: 240 g
•All Cable Length: 180 cm
•Condition: New
•Warranty: 1 year
 •With built in safety features.
•Short circuit protection.
•Overload protection.
•stabilized voltage supply design proposal:IC+MOS,with over-current protection,very stable
•AC adapter comes with AC to wall power cord.
•Our adapters are "switchable" which means you can use them on a normal 110 volt outlet, like in the US, or even outlets rated up to 220 volts like in European countries! So no need to purchase a new adapter when you're traveling outside of the US, if you purchase this adapter!
•Imagine the freedom of being able to power your device anywhere there is a wall outlet.
•This is the standard charger and power source for the device. The adapter is designed to charge the battery in your machine and supply uninterrupted power for your device while downloading pictures to your computer, for extended work in a studio, or while viewing images while connected to your TV or VCR.
   •Please ensure the product that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part numbers of your device.
•Please ensure the shape and size of DC plug that you are going to buy is the same as your device.
•Please check DC jack of your device.If your device have DC jack and our DC plug is the same for your DC plug,then the product that you are going to buy fits your device.
•Some device isn`t connected with adapter ,because that haven`t DC jack. Device is connected with adapter by device dock.If you device belong to the device,please ensure you have device dock.Our packge aren`t include dock.
•Please check your device manual for the correct part number.The manul will also tell you.If your device will charge the batteries in the device using an AC adapter.Some models will won`t charge batteries internaly.
•International buyers will be sent a FREE adapter converter so you can plug into your mains.
  Replacement for adapter:
•CANON CA-560 CG-560 CR-560 3171A007AB 3172A002AA D82-0680-201 D85-0680-201 D85-1100-003 D85-1100-201 Compatible With Digital Models:
•Canon Powershot G series
PowerShot G1
 PowerShot G2
 PowerShot G3
 PowerShot G5
 PowerShot G6
•Canon Powershot Pro series
PowerShot Pro 1,Pro1
 PowerShot Pro 70
 PowerShot Pro 90
 PowerShot Pro 90 IS,90IS
•Canon DM-FV Series
•Canon DM-IXY DV Series
•Canon FV Series
•Canon MV Series
•Canon IXY DV Series
•Canon Optura Series
Optura 100MC
 Optura 200MC
 Optura ZR10
 Optura ZR20
 Optura ZR25MC
 Optura ZR30MC
 Optura ZR40MC
 Optura ZR40
 Optura ZR45MC
 Optura ZR50MC
 Optura Pi MV30
•Canon PV130
and more models