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    2.0X Telephone Lens for Mobile Phone and Digital Camera  

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    • Rp. 139.000,-
    • Rp. 102.000,-
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    • 2.0X Telephone Lens
    • Best Design
    • Portable and detachable
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    • Store: Lazada
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    • Update: 28/04/2016
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Apperture (f/ numer)0.0
Sisi pisau (inchi)0.0
Ukuran layar0.0
Panjang maksimum (mm)0.0
Kapasitas berat maksimum (gram)0.0
Zoom Optik0.0
Ukuran (L x W x H cm)20 x 15 x 8
Garansi produkNo Warranty
Berat (kg)0.3
Detail produk dari 2.0X Telephone Lens for Mobile Phone and Digital Camera 1) Suitable to take photo of natural aspect of object from far distant
2) Please clean the LENS and LENS around of mobile phone before you operate, and then move the protect paper from rear of connecting teach. As the center of LENS it can make the connecting teach stick to the mobile phone flatly. Press, and make sure it was stacked.
3) Please confirm the camera LENS of the mobile phone can stick 13mm metal ring. Donメt need the metal ring if your phone is metal cover.